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Welcome to our Playroom Storage page! As kids start growing, they also need a space that will accommodate and keep up with them unless you are planning to give them a larger room every couple of years. There are many ideas on how to accomplish that which we will try to touch on. After looking over the web it is our belief that we have found some of the best deals possible on the items that you might need in order to accomplish such a makeover or task.  

At a friend’s house I have recently seen some playroom ideas that I loved. She painted large sheets of steel from home depot with chalkboard paint, which is very hard to normally paint over. Those were then framed and hung on the well. They are great for the kids to draw on and can also be magnetic, which after being farmed adds awesome color contrast to the wall. She also had cork flooring that is very durable and absorbs sound very well which keeps the noise inside the room. This is a bit different than interlocking foam flooring but works just as well.  

There were very nice stacks also available great for any child that are extremely versatile. You have the ability to make them tall and narrow, or short and wide. They are usually available in a design of two cubes high by five cubes wide. Some also have openings on top to store balls and other such items, while others are wide and can store game boxes. These can be found in many places online as well as at the department stores and are very inexpensive and easy to arrange.  

A simple and quick way to rearrange a room is by placing a wall unit. These are available in different sizes and colors, but with a little research and preparation can make a huge difference. You will have to preplan the space a bit and take good measurements. It is always a good idea to think of the room décor and go to the local stores first to get a feel for some of these items and imagine how they will fit into your home. Then it is time to get online, and hopefully come here, to find if you can find a lower price for the same item. In our experience this is usually true, as many of the products are shipped free. 

Some of the more technical individuals decide to build their own playroom storage designs and this is also a very good idea. This is the only way to completely customize and create a set that will be your own vision. This is a bit harder and challenging to accomplish by purchasing standard sets but can still be done and customized a bit by repainting. There are plans and sites helping build the playroom storage sets, cubby sets, drawer sets and wall systems and should be followed exactly. Keep in mind the cost of the materials as well, and the tools that you will need to finish the job.  




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