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Welcome to our Storage Cubbies page! If you are on the lookout for a new way to redesign your child’s room or would simply like to upgrade your classroom then storage cubbies are a product made especially for you. Storage Cubbies are very simple, useful, well designed, and are able to save a lot of space while holding many items in an organized way. We have found very good deals on these online, and are very happy to be able to share them with you and have confidence that nothing mentioned here will break your budget. You might have seen storage cubbies at your child’s classroom, as there are many variations of them but they do all serve the same purpose. That is to keep your kids organized, and help them learn the skills that they will need later on in life while keeping their play area clean.

Personally I like variations of the badger basket which is a three by three cubby storage unit. These can be found online and in the local department stores, and I suggest checking prices with both before continuing with the purchase. These cubby storage units are mainly manufactured out of wood, engineered wood and plywood with either a natural, black, or white finish. They are ideal for storing toys, sports, equipment, games, books, clothes, and linens. Also some people like to use them with baskets which are usually sold separately. Those can be different colors, and designs as well as I have even seen some made out of straw.

There are also cubby storage shelves which can be hanged on the wall. I do not recommend hanging these over the child’s bad as there is a certain amount of risk involved that it could fall and cause some damage. They are great for storing books, games, toys, stuffed animals and picture frames. These are of a similar design as the standing cubby storage units except that these are usually found in a two by three design. I have seen people customize these by repainting them and really allow for them to accentuate the room décor.

If you are willing to many of the arts and crafts stores sell unfinished cubbies as well. These typically come in a single, double, or triple cube size. These are available online often for only sixty percent of the regular cost. You can either paint or stain these, and use them to configure a wall system that works really well within the space of your child’s playroom. This does take a little bit more time, and effort but can be a very rewarding experience. You could also get your children involved and help them create their own perfect environment.

It does not matter what road you chose to take as long as it leads you to the destination. Do try and pre-plan the room first and take the right measurements. This will prevent many headaches later on, and you won’t find yourself having to take things back and create extra work when it is unnecessary.




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